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The hallmarks of an ALAXIA BUILT home include the latest in contemporary designs, the highest quality workmanship, and absolute attention to detail. As specialist NSW new home builders, we pride ourselves on giving you exceptional choice when it comes to the range of design options you can choose from, as well as the unbeatable value of our homes.

When you work with ALAXIA BUILT, you can be sure of getting the latest modern design concepts, combined with the energy efficiency and functionality that contemporary family living demands. We utilise modern building technology, products and methods, and our experienced team of designers ensure that you are makingthe best use of the dimensions and space you have available.

As experienced NSW house builders, we also have significant expertise when it comes to building investment properties and knockdown-rebuilds, including sub-dividing existing residential blocks and building multiple homes.

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In addition to our home design and build services, at ALAXIA BUILT we also specialise in knockdown and rebuild projects, where an existing property is demolished and a new home or multiple properties are built to replace it on the same block.

Knock down and rebuild can offer an exciting and cost effective alternative to simply renovating or adding an extension to your house, or can be used to build a dual occupancy property that creates an attractive investment opportunity and produces an additional income stream.

We offer homeowners a comprehensive knock down and rebuild service in Sydney, and can guide you through all stages of the process, including council approvals and planning permission, the sub-division of your block, demolition of your current property and the construction of a new home.

Our outstanding range of contemporary home designs are ideal for knockdown and rebuild projects, and no matter the size, shape or dimensions of your property, we can create a stunning new contemporary home that meets your family’s needs.

Why should I knockdown and rebuild?

As your family grows or your lifestyle changes, like many other Sydney siders you may be finding that your current home no longer meets your needs in terms of space or amenities — but at the same time, you love your neighborhood and so are reluctant to move.

You might be close to work, for instance, or near to the kids’ schools, and so moving elsewhere to get additional space might actually bring with it a great deal more inconvenience.

A knockdown and re-build can therefore give you the best of both worlds — a bigger, more modern or better appointed home in the location that you have come to know and love.


Benefits of dual occupancy property

Another compelling reason to undertake a knockdown and rebuild project is to create a dual occupancy property, where multiple homes are built in place of a single dwelling.

Dual occupancy properties can form the basis of an investment portfolio, and are an especially attractive option in Sydney suburbs where the available housing stock is limited and so there is constant demand. Building a dual occupancy property can therefore enable you to benefit from rental income, along with the potential for significant appreciation and capital growth over time.


At ALAXIA BUILT, we understand the very specific needs of the investor builder, and have worked with investors wth varying levels of experience in this highly specialised field.

It is often the case that investors don’t have the time to devote themselves exclusively to managing the construction an investment property, or aren’t sufficiently confident in their expertise to be able to handle every aspect of the project on their own.

That’s where ALAXIA BUILT comes in. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective project management services means that you can be sure that your investment property will be built to the highest professional standards, and that the whole experience will be as straightforward and stress free as possible.

We can assume full responsibility for your project from concept to completion, enabling you to achieve your property investment goals without the need to be constantly hands-on yourself. The services we provide include feasibility studies, site acquisition, site negotiations and sales, local authority planning approvals, energy ratings, construction and more.

When required, we work with leading building industry professionals, such as design consultants, architects, building surveyors, fire engineers and others to ensure the best possible results.

Alternatively, if you do have some experience in this field, or you simply want to take a more active role in the construction process,ALAXIA BUILT is happy to work in close consultation with you as we bring your project to fruition.


We are project management specialists

Our team is made up of experts in all areas of project management, and we place a high premium at every stage of the process on clear lines of communication with clients, sub-contractors and councils, ensuring that all parties are always fully informed about your project’s progress. In addition, we only ever work with thoroughly professional and trustworthy tradespeople to ensure that standards are always maintained.


If you are considering building an investment property but don’t know where to start, or aren’t sure you have the time or expertise required to take on such a challenging task, talk to our team at ALAXIA BUILT and we will be happy to tell you more about the full range of end-to-end project management services in Sydney we can provide.


In a house and land deal, both a new home and the block of land on which it’s situated are purchased together in a package. This combination of convenience and cost-effectiveness means that Sydney house and land packages have great appeal both for people buying a first home, as well as those looking to make a smart property investment.

At ALAXIA BUILT we offer a range of house and land packages in a variety of desirable locations with high growth potential and access to transport, retail and educational amenities. This turn-key solution means that you can enjoy a stress free move into an exquisitely designed modern home already packed with outstanding features, and which you can further customise with a choice of high quality inclusions.

What’s more, when you choose a property from our stunning selection of new homes, you can be confident you will be enjoy the very best in contemporary design and features.


House & land packages in Sydney and NSW

We have a range of fixed price home and land packages available across Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter and Illawarra regions, so you have the chance to move into a home that not only suits your lifestyle, but fits your budget as well. That’s because there are no hidden costs or fees in our house and land deals — the price we quote you is the final price that you will pay.

A further plus is that with turn key homes packages, everything you need is in place from the moment you (or a tenant) moves in, so you can start enjoying all the lifestyle benefits that come with it straight away.

To find out more about our current selection of new house and land packages, please feel free to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to provide all of the information you need.